Architecture Index

Node.js, Mongoose, Express, EJS
Student work, 2022

A full-stack web application for travel and archiving architecture around the world to visit or stay built with RESTful routes and full CRUD.

Sightseeing of architecture is a large part of my travel and inspired by my own interest in the public and private space, people who designed them and the people who live in them. 

*Architecture images are from Wikipedia

Tricia Gray is a designer & developer based in NYC, previously at Smart Design︎. Read more


*Personal, Web Design & Development, 2022 *Coming soon* 

Architecture Index

*Personal, Web Design & Development, 2022

Smart Design

*Team, Design Strategy, Design Research, Digital Design, 2022


*Personal, Design Research, Digital Design, Speculative Design, 2022


*Master’s Thesis, Personal, Design Research, Digital Design, 2021


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