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Smart Design Internship: Individual Research Project, 2022

An interpretation of a map platform that features civic engagement.


The desire to walk

After completing my first project with Smart Design︎, I had just over a week before starting the next project with a new team. I took on an individual research project inspired by Smart’s history with mobility coupled with my own personal interests in urban landscape and transportation design. 

︎︎︎ Some initial inspo


Finding balance

While exploring the act of walking through the digital landscape, I found them all uninspiring and let down becuase they didn’t really fit as something I would use outside of the direction capacity of something like google maps. Most of them want to sell you something which diminishes my desire to use it.

So, I started to ask myself some questions ︎︎︎ What happens when you put people first? What would I do if I could design with me in mind?

Early sketches



There is potential here for a considered version of what’s out there; people want more fulfillment when they leave their house, especially after the last several years. The public space is more important than it has been in a long time, and some of the technology in these areas has not caught up to what people prioritize today.

Exploration: Activity

Exploration: Visibility

Exploration: Hazards

Exploration: Requests

Exploration: Mood

Exploration: Perspective

Lessons learned


Urban areas are difficult for those such as runners or cyclists who have to share dense, crowded areas designed for pedestrians, as a healthy urban lifestyle has never really been a focus. Urban initiatives may have begun to catch up but there is a role that technology can play to sync the healthy urban lifestyle with the public space in a positive way. 

Tricia Gray is a designer & developer based in NYC, previously at Smart Design︎. Read more


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